Founding Forks and Corks

Food is really such an incredible gift. It delights and inspires, gives nourishment and comfort, awes with the science, brings joy and sustains life. Food builds a sense of community. Breaking bread together with those around you pulls people together in one simple act.


Those people we get to walk this earth beside are another gift. I am a grateful woman for the amazing people in my life who pour love into me every day - and those who challenge me and add depth to my world.  Customers, employees, vendors, event guests and fellow comrades in this business across the country remind me every day what it takes to be a better person - more patient, kind and tenacious about providing a better service.


I have a big appreciation for these gifts - and the desire God gave me to pull food and people together in a way that strives to honor them and delight their senses. To make know...HAPPY.


This is a business adventure I am on with my husband - the man I adore - and a staff of people who delight and inspire me every day with their goodness, humor and unbelievably hard work.  We all aim to bless you, Corvallis.  Albany.  Salem. Eugene. May we never lose sight of that.


Kate Lynch

Director of Possibilities